• ss Planning today for a better tomorrow.
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With youth day celebrations all around in South Africa, let’s take some time to evaluate on how today’s decisions can affect the future.

There is a small percentage of people that have achieved success without putting in the hard work, beside the lucky few that have been fortunate enough to win life’s lottery games. Although everyone wants to be successful, not many are willing to put in the graft and work towards their path to success.

If your goal in life is to be able to retire relatively young (or at all) and have a fruitfully ‘lazy future’, the plan for success must be made as early as possible. As with all other aspects of life, each person will have their own approach to reaching their own end. There are several basic guidelines that can be used to plan for a successful future:

Define your goals

The first step in planning to be successful is to dedicate time to outline and identify what goals you want to achieve. It would be difficult to achieve a goal that hasn’t been clearly defined. Don’t only think about what the goal is but also why this goal should be achieved for your success. Write your thought process out so that you have a physical reminder of what you want to accomplish and set milestones to measure your progress on your path to success. By dedicating a significant amount of time laying the foundations of each of your goals, the first hurdle to success has been completed – as now you have something to work toward.

Consistently learn from others

Mentors are there to guide your journey – find inspiration from someone who has already achieved the things that you want and follow their journey, learning from their wins and losses. Why make the same mistakes as others when there is no doubt that you will make your own – save time and frustration by avoiding mistakes of those who came before you. The great thing about mentorship is that you can also leverage off your mentors’ network and connection, speeding up your journey to achieving your goals.

Plan for obstacles.

Life is messy; when planning for success, it is not realistic to assume that your achievement of success will go exactly the way you thought it would. There will always be setbacks and although there may be no way to know what they are going to be, resources can be allocated to reduce their impact on your plan. In order to retire early or to be successfully lazy in your future you must always hope for the best but plan for the worst, ensuring you’re always on top of your game.


Networking is your bread and butter

As the old saying goes – this world is about who you know not what you know, whether that’s fair or not. Networking should be on your mind 24/7, with the aim to build relationships with like-minded or successful people. Your network will help you open doors you didn’t even know existed, as long as you leave your ego at the door and focus on the end goal of success.

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