Planning today for a better tomorrow.

With youth day celebrations all around in South Africa, let’s take some time to evaluate on how today’s decisions can affect the future. There is a small percentage of people that have achieved success without putting in the hard work, beside the lucky few that have been fortunate enough to win life’s lottery games. Although […]

South Africa’s relationship with cryptocurrency.

The explosion of digital innovation is neither a new concept nor a surprising one. Today, the internet is creating ample opportunities to advertise, and more importantly, to spend – and everyone knows that this has changed how businesses operate, governments function, and how consumers behave. The acceleration or e-Commerce has further enabled the domino effect […]

Cryptocurrency in developing countries

Developing countries are often mentioned as prime places where cryptocurrency could be used to make a difference and help restore ailing economies. Countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela, whose currencies have been dogged by hyperinflation, and are also subject to authoritarian government rule, could see some value in using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin to improve […]

China’s changing perception of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have had a rocky relationship with China over the past few years, with the Bitcoin trading volume being extremely difficult to measure since the country banned exchanges in 2017. Bitcoin was not recognised as legal tender, thus citizens could own bitcoin but it was extremely challenging to trade or convert them […]

Bitcoin For Passive Income.

We all get to the stage in life where it seems like having a single source of income does not cut it. The average person who isn’t afraid of hard work, may still have issues finding their feet when it comes to achieving financial freedom. If you don’t have an idea on what you can […]

Retirement with Bitcoin: a Golden Opportunity.

Skipping out on planning for retirement is simply not an option in today’s unpredictable world. It’s never too early to start investing for your financial future and more importantly, your financial security. As the crypto space continues to mature, it offers a superb opportunity to circumvent against the current financial systems. Investing in the cryptocurrency, […]

More Reasons To Invest In Bitcoin In 2020

Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade now, and it has been declared a ‘bubble’ more than 3300 times by mainstream media. Yet, the pervasive nature of bitcoin has meant that Bitcoin has become a real threat to conventional financial systems. Bitcoin is unlike conventional money in that it cannot be printed when […]

Cryptocurrency Explained

By now you have most probably heard of cryptocurrency. A family member, Doctor or friend has probably told you how they’re making loads of money with virtual currencies like bitcoin or one of the lesser-known, 1300-plus investable cryptocurrencies. How much do you really know about them, though? The answer is most probably, not enough. This […]

Investing In Cryptocurrency: Is It Worth The Hassle?

It is no secret that many South Africans have seen impressive returns on their cryptocurrency investments over the past few years, especially during major boom periods like 2017. But what about now? Is it still worth investing in Cryptocurrencies in the year 2020, and particularly, in this uncertain climate? Many analysts have predicted high institutional […]

Is Mirror Trading International A Scam?

I’ve seen a lot of questions as to whether Mirror Trading International (MTI) is a pyramid scheme or multiplication scheme. As their members often attest, they operate the business with full transparency at all times. With this in mind, I would like to address some of those allegations. MTI is a legitimate, legal entity and […]